Top 10 Sydney Beaches for families - SUNPLAY Australia's Choice

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Sydney is a city teeming with stunning beaches to choose from, but there's no need for sun seekers who want peace and quiet. With hundreds of kid-friendly gems spread across the north, east as well south coast; It doesn't matter how old your child may be - they will always find themselves a special the iconic Bondi Beach :) SUNPLAY Australia make good use of these beaches with our beach tents pitched at one of these most weekends – if it’s not raining.


  1. Chinaman’s Beach

We were really regretting not finding a place to park in Balmoral when we came across this little gem of a beach in Mosman. The water was perfect and so beautiful, with lots going on below like boats bobbing up against the shoreline or seagulls flying overhead! They have a large grassed park, picnic grounds and very calm swimming waters. We held SUNPLAY Australia’s photo shoot at this beach! We love bringing our beach tents here.


  1. Balmoral Beach

Balmoral beach is often called the best for kids in Sydney thanks to its gentle water and beautiful view. The two headlands that form gates into harbor provide an excellent foreground, making it easy on viewers’ eyes while they enjoy their day at this picturesque spot! There are plenty cafes with views over here too – it feels like the French Riviera to me. Parking is expensive and can be hard to nab – I’d recommend getting there early.


  1. Watson’s Bay

The perfect day trip for locals and visitors alike, Watsons Bay is a super kid-friendly beach. A ferry from Circular Quay to this gorgeous harbor views destination will take you on the journey of your life as soon as those wheels touch down at Watson's Beach! With its large park that includes an interactive playground with gated areas perfect for ball games or just running around without worry; picnic spots near water where kids can splash around while parents relax under shady trees - there really isn't anything not worth seeing here. You must get the famous Watson’s Bay fish ‘n’ chips and sit under the protection of your beach tent and watch the Sydney Ferries take people in and out of this gorgeous place.

  1. Maroubra Beach

This stretch of sand is a hot spot for both expert and beginner surfers. The beach also features an inviting kids playground located near the southern headland, as well as Skate Park in Arthur Bryne Reserve.


  1. Gordons Bay

This Bay is a great spot for older kids who want to enjoy some time in the water without any distractions. It is a secluded beach has no lifeguards or bathrooms, so it’s best if you bring your own food and supplies! But that just means this bay knows how important relaxation really was when they were younger - because there are tons of fish swimming around here too! Beach tent a must!


  1. Parsley Bay

There's no place like Parsley Bay for a day of relaxation and fun in the sun. The water here is crystal clear, with gentle waves that make it perfect to enjoy a dip. But don't worry about your children--there are plenty amenities available including shaded areas behind each beach where they can play while being protected from harsh UV rays by lush trees or of course bring your beach tent.


  1. Milk Beach

Milk Beach is an isolated beach with beautiful views of Sydney. The water at this spot is calm and safe for kids to play in, making it one our favorite spots any time season! A small strip near Eastern Suburbs has some great features that make exploring interesting no matter what your age may be - whether you're looking forward or want something new again-, there's plenty here waiting just around every corner...


  1. Dee Why Beach

My local! If you're looking for a great spot to spend the day with kids of all ages, head to Dee Why Beach. The beach has an awesome gated playground right on site and there are plenty more fun things within walking distance like ocean pools, cafes & restaurants galore as well fish-and chip shops or even ice cream joints! Surf and kite surfing lessons can be sourced. Mother’s Groups love this beach!


     9. Manly Beach

Manly Beach, with its crystal-clear waters and white sand shoreline is not only beautiful but also perfect for families who want to spend time together while enjoying some sun intake by the sea! The easiest way there? Take any ferry from Sydney’s CBD, Circular Quay, it will take about 30 minutes downstream before arriving at what's known locally as "the start of good times." Once you've arrived at your destination walk up Corso where you’ll find shops & cafes await just waiting patiently for you. There are so many spots here to pop up your beach tent and people watch.


10. Darook Park Beach

Darook Park Beach is often called the most beautiful beach in all of Australia, and we're not too far from disagreeing. The clear blue waters are dotted with white sand bars that stretch on for miles - what more could you want? Watch the boats sail past as you paddle in the shallow crystal clear waters. It has a Hampton's feel to me. It's located in the Sutherland Shire. Bring everything along, there are limited facilities and no shops. 

Sydney's beaches are aplenty and they're all stunning! There’s something for everyone from the young ones who want some quiet time on their own or with friends, to families looking out at crystal blue waters. Whether you prefer your swimming, surfing or for the Mum’s and Dad’s sipping cocktails under palm trees in one of Australia's most famous cities - there is an exquisite beach waiting just around each corner here in Sydney!