Beach activities for kids and adults to enjoy together

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When most of us go to the beach we think of laying down, relaxing in your beach tent, and listening to the waves roll in. Maybe we imagine reading a book or people watching. But envisioning “laying down, sleeping and silence” is rarely the reality when taking children with you. As a parent you need to be prepared...

At the beach, especially Australian beaches, you are exposed to the elements and are at their mercy. The ocean temperature may be too cold, the waves could be too dangerous, the sun too hot, or there could be sea lice or blue bottles lurking beneath the water or sitting on the foreshore. It’s not always paradise - so alternate entertainment might be required. 

Here’s some tips to help you when you’re preparing for a trip to the beach and need activities to stay busy regardless of the conditions on the day. Thankfully, there are some really fun beach games to entertain both kids and adults.

A gentle note to please ensure you bring adequate sup protective clothing, sunscreen and a sun shelter when spending long periods of time in the sun.

Ok, I’ll share some of my favourite games I play with my tribe.

Cricket...we love it!

An Australian favorite! Beach cricket is an informal version of the game played on the beach and involving just about anyone who wants to play. Everyone is free to and usually does make up the rules as they go, making it an ideal game for the family and friends. Make sure you slip,slop,slap!


Soccer is another easy sport to play with a few people or a large group. The reason soccer is so popular worldwide is that the rules are easy to learn, and you don’t need much equipment. You can also use beach towels, thongs, shirts to mark the lines.

Paddle Ball

Paddle Ball is another classic beach game. Traditionally it uses wooden paddles and a small rubber ball. The ball isn’t “bouncy”, rather, it has a dull effect when hitting with the paddles.


Beach footy anyone?  Throwing the football doesn’t require a whole team. It can be with Mum and son, or a group of friends. Touch footy can be a little gentler for the little kids!

Stunt Kites

Everyone is familiar with regular kites, but few people have tried a stunt kite. Kites can be a fun activity (game) at the beach for kids and adults. There’s usually a breeze at the beach so flying a kite is usually easy.

Sandcastle Competition

For the more creative and artistic families, making a sandcastle or having a competition can entertain your little ones for hours. It can also be quite therapeutic for Mum and Dad.

What games do you like to play at the beach? Please share your favs!

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