Perth's Top Family Friendly Beaches

Hand Picked By SunPlay Australia

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is Perth's most iconic beach and loved by many families, couples and young people. It’s about a 20-minute drive from Perth’s city centre, but public busses and trains run frequently from Perth to Cottesloe. This beach is about a kilometre long and consists of some of the purest white sand you can find in Australia. Cottesloe Beach Playground is conveniently situated right next to the beach on Marine Parade, providing your little ones with endless playtime. Note: The park is fenced, but not gated. Cottesloe Beach is alcohol friendly, which will make the parents happy too! You can find grass terraces and picnic areas to rest up and there are many fancy restaurants and cafes for a bite or quick coffee. Shade is very limited, so bringing your SUNPLAY beach tent is a must! This beach is extremely busy in the summertime - so get there early!

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this spot! We love watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean whilst enjoying the delicious ice cream from ‘Gelato Bar Cottesloe’. You can take surfing lessons and swim in the ocean’s clear waters and, when it’s calm, the main Cottesloe Beach is also one of Perth's better snorkelling spots. Cottesloe makes a great family holiday spot as they have many enchanting seaside hotels. What is better than waking up right next to the ocean? It is a stunning beach that is certain to please everyone in the family.

Distance from Perth CBD 21 minutes 11.8kms 

Facilities: You will have access to toilets, changing facilities, hotels, restaurants, parking, playground, and it’s patrolled by lifeguards.

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo Beach is another top choice for families, specifically with young children. There are terrific playgrounds and parks overlooking the water that your little ones will absolutely adore, and many walking and biking paths that run along the shoreline for more active families. You can choose to have a home-made picnic in one of their many peaceful picnic areas, or enjoy local spots like ‘Swell’ , a gorgeous SLSC restaurant right on the beach!

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this place? This is a wonderful beach for day trips with the family. Letting your children run around the parks or taking a family swim are fantastic ways to get the whole family active and outdoors. Once you’re tuckered out from all the fun, it’s so easy to pitch your beach tent and have a relaxing family picnic. A day at Mullaloo will undoubtedly leave everyone feeling refreshed and happy! We love taking the bikes and scooters with us, as there are bike paths that connect Mullaloo to neighbouring beaches all along the coastline.

Distance from Perth CBD25 minutes (25kms north of CBD)

Facilities: You will have access to toilets, paths, large grassed areas, changing facilities, kiosk, SLSC restaurant, parking, playgrounds, bike/walking tracks and it’s patrolled by lifeguards. 

Hillary's Marina Beach 

Hillary's beach is a hotspot for families with young children and is located inside Hillary’s Boat Harbour - the beach is flat and is 200m in length. There is free short-term and overnight parking at Hillary’s, and it is surrounded by restaurants for all budgets. No need to bring a thing, except your favourite beach tent and towel! Hillary’s Marina Beach even has a playground on the sandy shorefront, perfect for keeping your kiddos entertained while you bask in the sun. Pitch up your beach tent and stay all day.

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this spot! This beach is a great fit for so many different families! You can choose to chill in your beach tent or hop on one of their walking trails and get your workout in. There's always something happening at Hillary’s Boat Harbour! They host many festivals, outdoor films, markets and other special events. It’s a super fun place where there is something exciting for every member of your family.

Distance from Perth CBD Approximately 28 minutes (North of CBD) 24kms

Facilities: You will have access to toilets, changing facilities, kiosk, restaurants, parking, playground, and it’s patrolled by lifeguards.

Quinns Rocks Beach

Quinns Rocks Beach has beautiful white sands and stunning sea views. This is a great beach for an oceanside run, bike ride, or stroll as you can easily access the 8-9km walk/running trail that parallels the shoreline. The waters are mostly calm, and a shark netted area has been set up to guarantee you and your little one’s safety. This is a small beach and is typically only visited by residents and locals, so it will not be too busy or loud.

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this place! The beauty of Quinns Rocks’ bright turquoise waters will stick with you long after you leave the breathtaking beach. If you’re looking for some exercise, we definitely suggest the Quinns Rocks Beach trail. What better location for some family activity than alongside a gorgeous beach? For the kids, we love the playground attached to the beach’s restaurant. It’s small, but great for toddlers! If you’re looking for a more chill day at the beach, pitch your SUN PLAY beach tent and take in the beautiful waterside views.

Distance from Perth CBD: 30 mins North of CBD (39.3kms)

Facilities: You will have access to toilets, shark nets, picnic tables, changing facilities, kiosk, SLSC parking, restaurant playgrounds, and it’s patrolled by lifeguards.





Rosslare Park is a man-made shallow water beach, which makes it the perfect place to take tiny tots! The protected waters are low and calm - excellent for getting your feet wet – and populated with fish and other wildlife! Bonus for parents, there is a small playground that is fully fenced and gated. You can also launch a kayak and explore the water way or take a look at the beautiful mansions in the area. Picnic tables and benches are available, you’ll need to pack your own food and drinks.

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this place? This is a great place for small children who might not be ready for swimming in the ocean yet. Parents can rest easy knowing their kids are safe in the shallow waters, and children will have such a fun time splashing in the water and discovering the wildlife along the shore! There are a lot of elaborate boats and homes on the foreshore, and we love walking past and daydreaming about owning one!

Distance from Perth CBD 25 minutes (25kms north of CBD)

Facilities: Fenced playground and access to picnic tables. 

Yanchep Lagoon Beach is situated north of a vast reef, which creates its calm lagoon waters that are so popular amongst families. On a good day, this swimming hole is perfect for young children as the waves are extremely mild. However, the reef does produce quite a strong current when the tide comes in, so it is recommended that you stay very cautious at these times and do not swim past the safety flags. Yanchep lagoon is also a very popular beach fishing location! There are little to no shady spots on this beach so be prepared with your beach tent for some breaks from the beating sun. There is a large parking area next to the lagoon that is hardly full. Restaurants nearby include Orion Café and Yanchep Café, which are both extremely popular among beach goers!

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this spot? SUN PLAY loves the tranquillity of Yanchep Lagoon. It is not usually overcrowded, which is great for families looking for a relaxing day at the beach. When the water is calm, it’s a great place to introduce young swimmers to the ocean or have the whole family wade in the water together. We also highly recommend Orion Café. The kids can slide and climb on the fully fenced oceanside playground, whilst the parents eat or have a delicious coffee. Our personal favourite dish is the fish and chips – yum!

Distance from Perth CBD: 56kms north - Approximately 1 hour

Facilities: You will have access to toilets, large grassed areas, picnic tables, changing facilities, kiosk, SLSC parking, cafe playgrounds, and it’s patrolled by lifeguards.

Rockingham Beach is famous for its calm waters making it ideal for families with small ones to have a safe dip. Walking along the esplanade you’ll find expansive lush lawn areas of Churchill Park and Bell Park for picnics and barbecues. The foreshore has a vibrant buzz of activity and would be a wonderful place to explore for a full weekend or a very relaxing week. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and places to stay!

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this spot? Rockingham is most definitely a family beach, and locals like to make sure it stays that way. You will not find any rowdiness or poor behaviour from adults on this beach, because we all want to keep the children safe and happy! There is a wide variety of things to do and places to eat. You can find everything from chips to fine dining. The award-winning revitalised foreshore precinct is an iconic Perth destination. Awesome for scooters and skateboarding! Our little kids loved the Pirate Playground!

Approximately 40 minutes South of Perth (45kms)

Facilities: You will have access to picnic tables, BBQs, changing facilities, kiosk, parking, retail shops, restaurant playgrounds, accommodation, and it’s patrolled by lifeguards.

Trigg Beach is picture perfect! A very popular spot for families, and you can even bring your dog! There are lots of coffee shops along the way for parents, and you’ll find a cute kids playground and rock landscape right by the beach! This is a famous location among surfers. Its waters are ideal for board riding, surfing, and bodyboarding, with high waves around the year. For snorkel enthusiasts, there is also a snorkelling beach in the area called “Mettam’s Pool”.

Why SUNPLAY Australia loves this spot? Trigg beach is a fun and lively place to visit with the family. Older kids will love surfing and bodyboarding while the little ones play on the rocks. At the end of the day, the whole family can snuggle up under their SUNPLAY beach tent and enjoy spectacular views as the sun sets into the water over the Indian Ocean, towards Rottnest Island.

Approximately 20 minutes North of the CBD 15kms

Facilities: You will have access to changing facilities, kiosk, parking, restaurants, cafes, playground, and it’s patrolled by lifeguards.

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