The passion behind SUNPLAY Australia Beach Tents

Visiting beaches and hanging outdoors for hours is the Australian way of life. We are blessed by stunning weather for most of the year.

But, for me and my kids hanging out at the beach for hours without adequate sun protection is not an option. We are all aware of the risks of prolonged exposure to UV from the sun, especially for little people. 

The problem was we could not find a beach tent or sun shelter that matched our needs:


❌The patterns were ugly

❌There was not enough UV protection

❌They were too difficult to use

❌They were too heavy to carry

We we’re not going to stop visiting the beach for lack of a suitable beach tent option, so, we designed and manufactured SUNPLAY Australia beach tents! Beach tents that are practical and require one person set up. Set up and pack down is seriously a breeze. We also loaded it with many other features that you’ll soon find out about! The backpack is gold and the tropical patterns take you away to a private Oasis! 

Our aims take beach tents in Australia to a new level. Style, Portability, Function and Excellent UV protection are core to our SUNPLAY Australia beach tent range. When you buy our beach tents online relax knowing our materials are Australian certified with a rating of UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). We are in'tents' about sun protection. 

The SUNPLAY Australia Mission

We want to encourage Australian families to have the best outdoor experiences - by making sun protection easy and stylish! Our beach tents have been voted number one by Australian Mums. Many saying they are the best and only beach tents for babies!

Wishing you all many happy outdoor adventures with your tribe!

Ally, SUNPLAY Australia Director 

SUNPLAY Australia Beach tent standards

We believe that you should be just as comfortable displaying your beach  tent as you are relaxing in it. On that note, each beach tent designed and constructed by SUNPLAY Australia is developed to meet the following standards:

1.     Top-quality, durable construction
2.     Incredibly stylish design
3.     50+ UV protection
4.     Perfect size for couples, families and small groups
5.     Easy to set up and super easy to pack down
6.     Easy to store away in its all-purpose tent backpack
7.     Open doors for airflow or closed for privacy
8.     'On-trend' designs for each summer season