In-Tents Passion


We take beach tents to a new level. Style, Portability, Function and Excellent UV protection are core to our FOR SUN PLAY range. Relax knowing our materials are Australian certified with a rating of UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). 

The FOR SUN PLAY Mission

To meet the needs of outdoor lovers, who for lack of good UV protection, feel discouraged about visiting the beach or being out in the sunshine during the hot months. We want to encourage Australian families to have the best outdoor experiences - by making sun protection easy and stylish!


We believe that you should be just as comfortable displaying your tent as you are relaxing in it. On that note, each beach tent designed and constructed by FOR SUN PLAY is developed to meet the following standards:

1.     Top-quality, durable construction
2.     Incredibly stylish design
3.     50+ UV protection
4.     Perfect size for couples, families and small groups
5.     Easy to set up and super easy to pack down
6.     Easy to store away in its all-purpose tent backpack
7.     Open doors for airflow or closed for privacy
8.     'On-trend' designs for each summer season 


Visiting beaches and hanging outdoors for hours is the Australian way of life. We are blessed by stunning weather for the majority of the year. The problem, however, is that hanging out at the beach for hours means unwanted prolonged exposure to UV from the sun. 

The solution was either not to to the beach, or to go beaching with a beach tent. The issue was the beach tents we found were mostly unattractive. Then the attractive ones we did manage to find didn't provide sufficient sun protection, leaving me feeling unmotivated to use one with my peers. Plus, they were difficult to set up and even more challenging to put away.

We are not going to stop visiting the beach for lack of suitable beach tent option, so, we came up with FOR SUN PLAY!