11 Tips For Taking Your Toddler To The Beach - What We Do!

11 Tips For Taking Your Toddler To The Beach - What We Do!

I grew up near the beach and come from a long line of beachgoers, but when my own son entered the world, I realised it’s so much harder with kids! Then my daughter came along and the thought of going to the beach made me cringe... but don’t let this intimidate you! Just be prepared! Here’s a few tips for making your beach day with little people easier.

  1. Start your beach day early. More space, less crowds, and less UV! Then wrap up before a long nap time...! 
  1. Apply sun cream (SPF50+) before heading out – kids do not like sand coated hands for cream application. In fact, experts say to apply 30 minutes before being exposed to the sun for maximum effect.
  1. Bring anti-sting lotion in your bag. My kids always get bitten by some sea or sand bug/fly.
  1. Puddle Jumpers are amazing! They are designed to support children's arms and body to an upright position. Much better than floaties. Whoever invented these are genius!
  1. Use reusable swim nappies for non-toilet trained toddlers – no rubbish on the beach and can put them in a wet bag to return home for washing.
  1. UPF50+ full zip-up rash suits are the best – if you need to reapply sunscreen then you have less space to cover!
  1. Create a “beach oasis” with a beach tent or sun shelter so there is always some shade and a tarp to sit on. Less opportunity for over sun exposure and annoying sand everywhere. SunPlay Australia have a great range of beach tents designed for toddlers.
  1. Keep a set of dry towels in the car. The little ones can snuggle into them and absorb any excess water when the beach day is done. Wet kids in the car can be very stressful for the poor driver!
  1. Take a lunch with you – toddlers will not want to the leave the beach and getting everything off the beach and then back is not fun at all...
  1. Use a backpack to pack your things, so that you can hold hands/carry your kids. SunPlay Australia Beach tents come with a backpack for this reason. Hands free to hold onto your little people.
  1. If you have a larger family, a kids trailer is great! They work for transporting everything over the sand. These are also a great invention.

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