The extended Australian summer calendar – an extra month of Summer

Excellent UV protection beach tent and pop up tent.

33 degrees is an extremely HOT temp to kick off Autumn in Sydney. The kids and I will certainly hit the beach after school today. It did make me wonder how long the heat filled days will continue for…?

The findings of a March 2020 study from the Australia Institute, titled Out of Season showed that over the last two decades, summers in the most populous areas of Australia are a month longer than in the 1950s and 1960s. Summers over the last five years were longer still, reaching twice the length of winters in those years. The paper's findings are consistent with global studies with dramatic increases in the length of summer and decrease in the length of winter. On a positive note more beach and outdoor active days for us! 

However, watching our young ones play, hang out or even play sport in the scorching heat and harsh sun are worrying. Maintaining methods of sun protection are essential, as the UV levels will continue to be extreme for at least the next month. Today the UV level in Sydney is 13. The classifications are as follows:

Moderate (3-5)

High (6-7)

Very high (8-10) and

Extreme (11+). 

It’s obviously not time to drop down your guard in sun protection just yet. Sunscreen, hats, protective clothing and a beach tent or beach shelter are still must have essentials at the beach. Our beach tents have a classification of Excellent sun protection -  UPV 50+ What's more, sun-protective materials are the simplest way to stay safe; unlike sunscreen, you never need to reapply!

It really does still feel like the peak of summer today …. Stay hydrated and protected from the sun xx



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