5kms from home - Sydney's Northern Beaches outdoor activities 4 kids

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Young surfboard riders and wave lovers on the Northern Beaches of Sydney may not be quite ready to embrace the cool winter waters. The great news is that while we wait for the weather and waters to warm up, there are fantastic alternative choices - our Skate parks and outrageously fun BMX and mountain bike trails! The Northern Beaches is a wonderland for children!

During the lockdown, my kids and I have been seeking diverse activities within our local area. The Council website is an excellent resource for parents. Check out the Northern Beaches Council things to do website!  When we finished our local reconnaissance - we packed the beach tent, sunscreen, a bunch of snacks, a ton of water and off we went! Adventure time!

Skate Boarding

We were surprised and delighted with the wide variety of children's skate parks on the Northern Beaches. The beauty I have experienced in skateboarding culture is the patience of more experienced and mature riders for beginners and younger people. Respect! 

We’ve listed the skate parks near you:


Biking is a terrific way to get active with the whole family! The real benefit is the raw energy expended by your kids.

The Terrey Hills BMX Circuit is fantastic! We spent a few hours there. The adults set up the beach tent, enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch, and watched the children ride on the track for hours. This place is perfect for older kids and teenagers! The younger ones (toddlers and kindy kids) can still ride on the path surrounding the tracks.

There is no shade apart from the shelter over the starting gate. Sun protection needed!

We checked out Bare Creek Bike Park (Belrose). It was too extreme for my family, but I'd recommend this for intermediate to advanced older kids and teens! My younger ones did enjoy watching the trick riders from the side lines. 

Narrabeen Lake Cycle Circuit is a charming lakeside bike path for the whole family. It also has excellent takeaway food options. You can take your beach tent, relax by the lake, and enjoy some delicious food/coffee after your ride. This is my favourite Northern Beaches outing! Tip: don't feed the oversized geese, they bite!  

For the older kids and more experienced mountain bikers, Manly Dam Mountain Bike Trail provides many options for intermediate to advanced riders. After cycling, you can take a walk on the Manly Dam wall, play on the playground, or relax and enjoy the beautiful freshwater Dam and Australian bush views.

We hope this local insight can provide your family with a new place to seek adventure in these difficult times!

Would you please share any areas we might have missed?