Staying local this summer – where will you go?

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This coming summer is going to see a lot of us staying closer to home than originally planned. But that’s no bad thing! In fact, it’s an amazing opportunity to take a good look around your city and local area. It’s time to explore your own backyard. Luckily, Australia has some of the world’s most stunning beaches and recreation areas to search for and/or rediscover.

Tourism Australia have released their coveted list of the nation's best beaches for 2020, and it sparked my interest that many famous stretches of sand remain absent from the top 20. You may be surprised by the list and it could encourage you to seek somewhere different to the norm.

 Top 20 best Australian beaches for 2020 

  1. Cabarita (NSW)
  2. Currumbin (Q)
  3. Minnamurra (NSW)
  4. Maria Island (TAS)
  5. Cape Tribulation (Q)
  6. Brighton Beach (VIC)
  7. Bettys Beach (WA)
  8. South Port Beach (SA)
  9. Wagga Wagga Beach (NSW)
  10. Lake McKenzie (Q)
  11. The Basin, Rottnest Island (WA)
  12. Fingal Bay (NSW)
  13. Smiths Beach (WA)
  14. Neds Beach, Lord Howe Island (NSW)
  15. Quobba Station Red Bluff (WA)
  16. Cossies Beach (IOT)
  17. Lake Tyers Beach (VIC)
  18. Diamond Head (NSW)
  19. Pondalowie Bay (SA)
  20. Killiecrankie Beach, Flinders Island (TAS) 

Staying local at these top spots is also a chance to support our local economies during a critical time. Our advice is to book now. Most of the most popular beach locations are booked solid through the holiday period. If the Government do enforce lock downs or restrictions, then refunds must be given.

As always, with the long hot Australian summer only months away, the need to protect yourself and your family against the relentless Australian sun is paramount. Slip, slop, slap was born to help Australians adapt to the unique environment in which we live. More recently we’ve added seek (shade) and slide (on sunglasses) to slipping (on the shirt) and slapping (on the hat). FORSUNPLAY beach tents offer 50+ SPF and can easily be packed in with your holiday essentials. We want you to make the most of our beautiful Australian summer and explore our beautiful backyard in style and safety.

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