Stylish Beach Tents for the Ultimate Sun Protection Set-Up

Stylish Beach Tents for the Ultimate Sun Protection Set-Up

Your private tropical oasis on the beach - beautiful beach tents

Beach tents and sun shelters are becoming more common on our Australian beaches. The original idea was providing excellent sun protection for you and your crew. The issues, beach tents in the past were unattractive, gaudy and insanely difficult to use. A user-friendly beach tent is especially important if you have little ones to tow.

But hey, we still wanna look good… There are now many beach tents with cute patterns, different styles and other options like umbrellas, cabanas etc. Although, be mindful that some of these beach shelters are still difficult to assemble, carry and don’t offer 50+ SPF.

FOR SUN PLAY beach tents are designed by an Australian family. This family wanted a stylish, easy to put up, take down, pack away and carry beach tent. Top sun protection being a non-negotiable.  

Check out the FOR SUN PLAY range. The beach tents boast some great features and look stunning with their tropical patterns. Best of all, the shade material is made from UPF50+, the highest shade rating available in Australia. Sun protection has never been so easy or looked so good.  

So, grab a beach tent and stay all day on the beach with FOR SUN PLAY. After all, nothing makes a hot sunny day more enjoyable than having a tropical canopy over your head.