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It's great but it is a little tricky to put down and if it's really windy it blows around alot at the beach on grass is great

Great beach shelter

We have used beach shelters for around 40 years and this is the easiest to put up and gives plenty of sun protection. Initially, we had some difficulties in the first step of packing up, but I think we have sorted it out now. The carry bag makes it so easy to take to the beach. A suggestion for improvement would be making it easier to empty the sand from the pockets. Overall very happy with our purchase.

Quick, easy and perfectly sized!

We live 500m from the beach and are there every other day with our two little ones. I’m not exaggerating when I say we’ve tried at least 8-10 other tents. This wins hands down. Can set up in a minute, no bored kids waiting for the water. Forgot the pegs? No drama fill the sand bags! Perfect size for two adult beach chairs and the kids to sit in. But the best thing is the backpack carry bag, enough room for towels, change of clothes and a wet bag. Such a simple thing that makes life with kids so much easier!

Amazing business!

I am extremely impressed by the attention to detail and customer service of Sunplay Australia. I bought a tent on Dec 13th hoping for it to arrive before Christmas. I emailed Sunplay on Wednesday December 20th as the status of my package with Australia Post had still not changed from 'ready for processing' and I was getting worried. I received a very timely response that same evening from Ally stating that unfortunately the package was not registered with the post office and she would organise for it to be express posted the next morning. It arrived on Friday 22nd (the last shipping day prior to Christmas) and I was extremely grateful. My father loves his new replacement for the SunHaven he's been using since the 90s! Thank you so much Sunplay :)

Made Easy

The Seabreeze Beach Tent is incredibly user-friendly. I can set it up all by myself in just a few minutes. Perfect for solo beach outings!

My kids stayed safe from the sun all day. Impressive!

Portable and Convenient for One Person

I love how portable and lightweight this tent is. I can carry and set it up on my own without any hassle, making my beach days much easier for Mum.

Love the convenience of the carry bag. Portable and easy.

Quick and Efficient

The Seabreeze Beach Tent pops up quickly and folds away efficiently. Doing it alone is never an issue, which is fantastic for solo adventurers with my daughter.

Fantastic for hot beach days

The Seabreeze beach shade is our go-to for hot days at the beach. It provides excellent shade and ventilation, keeping us cool and comfortable all day long.

Durable Material

The quality of the materials used in the Sunchaser beach tent is outstanding. It’s durable and well-constructed, easily withstanding our frequent beach trips with kids and friends.

Sea Breeze Beach Tent

Upside is that the Seabreeze tent is good solid quality. Downside is that it is bulky and a bit heavy. Definitely need to make use of the back pack facility.


I bought this tent prepared to return it because I've been fooled by the "easy set up and pack down" gimmick before. HOWEVER! This tent is 10/10. It's blowing my mind how easy it is. Just set it up and packed it down in the house to test it out and I'm amazed at how easy it is. Great product, so glad I invested in something with more quality. One point is that the instructions just say to fold the outer pole when packing up, but you actually have to pull it a little bit before folding (which is very easy but not in the instructions). Can't wait to be able to easily get out in the garden again with the baby.

Comfort and Shade

Sunplay Australia's beach tent has indeed been a game-changer for family beach days. It provides excellent shade, keeping my little ones cool and protected from the sun. The setup is a breeze, and it's lightweight enough to carry along with all our beach gear.

Perfect for Quick Trips

Even for quick beach trips, the Sun Chaser beach tent makes a huge difference. It’s easy to pop up and pack down, making spontaneous beach outings hassle-free and fun.

So easy to open & close. Love the little compartment sections too.

Ideal for Picnics and More

We don’t just use the Sunchaser beach tent for beach days. It’s perfect for picnics in the park and even in our backyard. It’s become our versatile go-to shelter for all outdoor activities.

Hassle-free assembly

Setting up this tent is a breeze. It's so straightforward and quick, I don’t need any help. Great for spontaneous beach trips.

Airflow in the tent is fantastic. Keeps us cool.

Perfect for Families

I love our Sunplay beach shelter! It's spacious enough for our whole family to sit comfortably and enjoy a day at the beach. Plus, it offers great UV protection, so I don't have to worry as much about getting sunburnt.

2. SUNPLAY Australia Beach Tent (Sun Chaser) - with FREE Backpack

Very Happy

Can't wait till summer to use it.

Easy Setup and Lightweight

The Sunplay Australia beach tent is incredibly easy to set up and take down. It’s also very lightweight, making it easy to carry even with all of the kids’ stuff. The only downside is that it could be a bit sturdier on very windy days.

Privacy for changing and napping. Great for family outings.