What is the best beach tent?

What is the best beach tent?

When pondering the best beach tent for any coastal escapades, I'm inclined to emphasize the necessity of the beach tent providing the best UV protection for your family's seaside excursions. Shielding yourselves from the harsh Australian sun is paramount, as is ensuring your comfort and convenience amidst the sandy expanse. UPF50+ is a minimum protection you should seek in your beach tent.  Beach tents do offer UV protection from every angle, making them the best option for protecting your family from UVA/UVB damage. 

There's more to consider than just shielding yourselves from the sun's rays when selecting the perfect beach shelter. You must also think about how easy it is to set up, how light it is to carry, and the little extras like storage spaces and privacy partitions that make our beach days even more pleasant.

Is SunPlay Australia the best beach tent company?

In crafting our beach tent selection, paramount importance is accorded to swift and effortless setup, coupled with a robust ultraviolet protection factor to safeguard against sunburn and skin cancer. Moreover, meticulous attention is devoted to incorporating thoughtful features that elevate our beachside getaways to unparalleled heights of leisure and relaxation. A SunPlay Australia beach shelter offers instant set up and pack down. No need for ropes, or threading poles or an engineering degree…  We are aiming offer the best beach tent!

In our quest for the quintessential beach tent, we've extended a cordial invitation to fellow beach aficionados and our cherished customers to contribute their perspectives and preferences. Through this collaborative dialogue, we endeavour to create “beach tent perfection”. We can't make comment on other brands or styles, but we can announce that we aim to provide your family with the best beach shelter on the market. 

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Summer 2024, we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the 2024 SunPlay Australia beach tents. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and fortified with cutting-edge features tailored specifically for Australian conditions, these shelters are poised to redefine the beachside experience! The beach tents are solid! 

With an array of enhancements designed to elevate both functionality and comfort, SunPlay beach tents promise to epitomise the epitome of beach shelter excellence. From enhanced UV protection to intuitive design elements aimed at streamlining setup and usage, our newest offerings are poised to set the standard for coastal comfort and convenience. They will be the strongest beach tent on the beach. The best beach tent for wind.  

As we count down the days back to summer, we look forward to seeing you basking in the warmth of the Australian sun beneath the protective embrace of SunPlay beach tents.