SunPlay Australia Unveils New, Improved Beach Tents Perfect for Parents

SunPlay Australia Unveils New, Improved Beach Tents Perfect for Parents

Sydney, Australia – [12.06.2024] – SunPlay Australia, the beloved beach tent brand founded by local mum Ally Garrad, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest line of beach tents. Designed with the unique needs of mothers and their families in mind, these new tents offer enhanced features that promise to make outdoor adventures safer, more comfortable, and even more stylish.

SunPlay Australia has received acclaim in notable publications including Covered Magazine, Bounty Parents, and Mums Little Explorers. The brand continues to set the standard for family-friendly beach outings with its innovative designs.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced UV Protection: The new SunPlay tents offer superior UV protection, ensuring that both children and adults can enjoy long days at the beach with maximum sun safety.
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame: The upgraded aluminum frame provides increased stability and durability, making the beach shelters more resilient against windy conditions and providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Improved Privacy: Perfect for naps, feeding, and sun-safe play, the new tents include thoughtfully designed areas that offer greater privacy, catering specifically to the needs of new mothers.
  • Increased Airflow: With larger windows, the new designs ensure ample airflow, keeping the interior cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • Mesh Doors: Featuring mesh doors on the front and back, the beach tents are perfect for keeping your baby inside while keeping beach bugs, mossies, and other nasties out.
  • Stylish Patterns: Acknowledging that style is just as important as functionality, SunPlay Australia is introducing two new chic patterns that are set to make a splash on beaches worldwide.

"As a mum, I truly get it—taking babies and kids on outings is like embarking on a wild adventure with tiny, adorable pirates who have unpredictable plans!" said Ally Garrad, founder of SunPlay Australia. "That's why having reliable and easy-to-use gear isn't just nice, it's absolutely essential. Our new tents are crafted to not only be super functional but also to give families a stylish and safe haven. When your gear works seamlessly, you can focus on what really matters—making precious memories and ensuring your kids' well-being."

More information and photos to come shortly. 

About SunPlay Australia: SunPlay Australia is dedicated to designing beach tents that offer maximum convenience, protection, and style. With previous models already recognized as the Best Beach Tents in Australia and awarded the People's Choice Award for No.1 Best Beach Tent for Mothers, this new line is poised to exceed expectations and provide families with even better outdoor experiences.