My sun loving family are desperate to know when is La Niña going to end?

As the torrential rain floods my balcony and smashes the east coast day after day, I wonder when the downpour will cease?? Short Answer: Although easing, we will see a few more months of wet and muggy days/nights for most of Australia.

The experts are predicting that La Niña and this wet weather pattern will continue until into mid-Autumn for Australia's east coast. Sydney saw over 100mm of rain yesterday while 300mm fell in areas of Queensland.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the homeowners, business owners, farmers and tourists battling the heavy rain and floods.

 CLIMATE OUTLOOK - Autumn 2022 BOM  Video

The Bureau's modelling for March to May shows:

  • March to May (autumn) rainfall is likely to be above median for parts of central and eastern Australia*. 
  • March to May maximum temperatures are likely to be above median for most of Australia. Only a small area of the central NSW coastline is likely to have below median temperatures, with areas surrounding the Great Australian Bight, and the rest of eastern and central NSW having roughly equal chances of warmer or cooler autumn days*.
  • Minimum temperatures for March to May are likely to be warmer than median Australia wide*.
  • Climate influences include the current La Niña in the Pacific Ocean*.

It might be an idea to purchase your movie tickets or book bowling lanes well in advance to entertain our young Aussies... Alternatively, now that Western Australia is open it might be a good "dry weather" getaway location!  

For us New South Welshman, our surf boards and beach tents might be sitting the cupboard for a while longer ;-(



* (You can check the SunSmart MyUV Index for what’s happening in your town across Australia – when the rain subsides)