Made by Parents for Parents - Voted Best Beach Tents

Made by parents for parents is certainly one of our mantras. SUNPLAY Australia is dedicated to helping Aussie families extend their stay under the sun.

For our beach tent design we’ve prioritised portability, ease of setup and pack down, shade coverage, style and durability.

Our pop-up style beach tent takes just a minute to set up and pack away, making it a hassle-free shade when you’re looking after little ones.

Babies and children can stay protected from the sun, sand flies, and mosquitoes inside the tent. A covered floor keeps sand away, and an adjustable mesh door and windows to prevent bug bites yet still allowing airflow. Plus, you have a place to stow away your belongings. There is a hook inside and pockets to secure your things if you decide to go for a walk or swim. 

The beach tents also provide great privacy for a quick swimsuit change or even a place to feed bubs.

All sun shelters are not created equally! Umbrellas and cabanas styles do not offer the same protection from reflective UV rays as beach tents. The igloo style cuts out the UV rays from the top, sides and back of the structure. Our beach tents are certified UPV 50+. You can then escape the sun's heat and the harmful rays!

All beach tents, umbrellas and cabanas are at risk of flattening or blowing away in high winds. If you’ll be hitting the coast on a windy day, secure your SUNPLAY beach tent with a combination of the heavy-duty tent pegs provided and fill the side sandbags.

When it’s time to call it a day, SUNPLAY beach tents fold away nicely into a backpack for optimal portability and practicality. You’re hands free to hold on to your little ones.   

Wishing you and your family a wonderful outdoor experience x

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