No Palm Trees In Sight? Then what's the Best Sun Shade - Pop-Up Beach Tent or Cabana Style?

Spending time at the beach is a favourite past time of most Australians. We are so fortunate that majority of us live within 50km of the coast. Along with sunscreen and protective clothing, beach tents are a great way to extend your time on the beach and protect you and your family from the sun's harmful rays.

The most popular beach tents in Australia are pop-up tents or cabana-style beach tents. If you are looking for quality outdoor pop-up beach tents or cabana style beach tents you can find multiple brands and options online. But with so many options, how do you find the best beach tent for your family?

The top tips are to watch demonstration videos, read reviews, jump on the social pages for user comments and choose Australian brands. Here are a few comments on pop-up beach tents and cabana style beach tents.

Pop-Up Beach Tents

The primary reason for the popularity of beach tents is due to them being unpacked and packaged away easily. However, not all beach tents are equal. Make sure you watch a demonstration video of the beach tent being put up and most importantly being packed away. Many beach tents can be set up in moments, this is true for many. The BEST beach tents are the ones that pack away just as quickly!

When your family have concluded their time at the beach or a park, packing away your belongings and beach tent needs to be done relatively quickly. As we all know, kids are not the most patient of beings. If a beach tent is taking too long to put away, kids become irritated and parents become stressed. Not enjoyable for anyone. Most of us aren’t experienced campers and just need a simple pop-up and pack-away beach tent.

The best beach tents have UPVF 50+ sun protection rating. To fully protect your family from harmful UV rays, ensure your beach tent includes a UPF50+ rating.

Cabana Style Beach Tents  

Cabana style beach tents are ideal for larger groups who require standing room. Cabana style beach tents provide ample space and can be transformed into a fantastic space to host your party in the shade. They are also excellent for parks and BBQs.

The common concerns are they can be heavy to carry and don’t provide full UV protection. Cabanas can partially collapse with a gust of wind and can become dangerous due to their size. Ensure you look for a beach cabana with a strong structure and quality materials.

Pop up beach tents and cabana style beach tents come at a variety of prices to suit all budgets. You do get what you pay for. Our advice is do your research and invest time in a considering what beach tent is best for you and your family.

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